Managing a life altering condition or caring for someone with one can be a lonely journey, we don’t want you to walk it alone.

What Is SmallCircles

SmallCircles is a community creating solution for developing small, private groups of people matched on health condition, location and common interests. It’s designed to offer care recipients and caregivers like you support in key areas to improve quality of life and minimize the impact of life changing conditions.

SmallCircles makes coping and caring easier, even on the toughest days. Join a circle or create your own. A supportive, private community of like minds is a click away.


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Tired of biting your tongue so that it doesn’t sound like you’re complaining?

Providing the best care for your loved one takes a toll on you that is no less crushing because you’re the healthy one.



Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in a room, introduce yourself to a like-minded social group and not have to start at the beginning… again… to explain your condition?

Wouldn’t it be nice to not be defined by it.
To not be isolated by it?


Sign up now to participate in the beta launch of SmallCircles. The app will be available to the public in the app stores this Winter.

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Arati Desai


Perhaps the inventor of Post-it Notes had a good memory and didn’t need yellow squares of paper stuck everywhere, but Arati’s impetus for creating SmallCircles did indeed come from her true-life caregiving experience. In searching for resources for her father with Parkinson’s Disease, all her web savvy research skill and A-type personality drive paled in comparison to the result of one person cutting through the noise and saying, “oh I’ve been through that, try this!”

Now that savvy, skill, plus years of technology experience planning and executing on big ideas, has been poured into developing SmallCircles into vibrant, concentric circles of support.

Ross Furukawa


Ross Furukawa has launched several startups including Karmapoints for building non-profit communities, Rim Data Systems for connecting supply chain relationships, and Santa Monica Daily Press for creating community through local news products. Ross has a deep understanding of delivering to customers and fulfilling previously untapped needs.

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