Taking on more responsibility for
an older family member or friend?


Connect with other caregivers on the SmallCircles app.

Across the country, millions of adult children, spouses, relatives and friends are caring for older adults. Many of these seniors have chronic health conditions — Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, depression and more. Are you one of these caregivers?

Managing this care can be challenging. That’s why we created SmallCircles. Our mobile app helps match people caring for older adults with local, small, private groups. Through these connected communities, you can share experiences, ideas and support with others who truly understand your caregiver journey.



It’s Easy and Private

In the SmallCircles app, you can chat with others in your circle – 24/7. You’ll find links to relevant content. And in our resources section, you’ll learn about the best tools and services for navigating your loved one’s care – senior organizations, transportation, equipment, healthcare management and more.

SmallCircles helps you find other caregivers who live close to you or have similar interests. You’ll have access to them anytime, anywhere. And your experience is more personal and private than online forums or Facebook groups. We use healthcare-level security, operating on HIPAA privacy standards.

You’re not alone. Find your small circle. It’s all about connection.

You can download the app for iOS from the iTunes App Store or for Android from Google Play.

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Arati Desai Wagabaza


Arati’s first-hand experience with the chronic condition of a loved one inspired SmallCircles. In searching for resources for her father with Parkinson’s Disease, all her web savvy research skill and A-type personality drive paled in comparison to the result of one person cutting through the noise and saying, “oh I’ve been through that, try this!”

Now that savvy, skill, plus years of technology experience planning and executing on big ideas, has been poured into developing SmallCircles into vibrant, concentric circles of support.



Meredith is a marketing strategist and copywriter with deep experience in healthcare and nonprofit. She brings a knowledge of healthcare delivery systems and a passion for helping everyone – especially those in underserved communities – find the care and support they need.

Meredith’s interest in SmallCircles stems from her father’s decade-long struggle with Parkinson’s disease and her own experience caring for aging family members.


Shashank has been a senior mobile developer for over eight years. His proficient work has gained notice from not only his employers, but Apple itself — with one of his personal apps featured on their AppStore Facebook page as the best designed RSS app. Shashank’s expertise is driven by his passion for mobile technology and working with electronics.

Shashank is an integral part of a five-person development team committed to moving the idea of SmallCircles into reality.



Mike has worked in the technology space for over 18 years designing and building scalable, enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 healthcare, entertainment, telecommunications, and financial services companies.

Mike’s recent focus has been on healthcare communications-related technology. docBeat – a physician-to-physician secure text messaging and virtual call routing service – was acquired by Vocera Communications in 2014.



Rajiv brings a broad general management perspective to SmallCircles. His career spans several segments of the life sciences industry, including biopharmaceuticals, molecular diagnostics, genetic technologies, and global health, at organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 23andMe and Amgen.

Rajiv co-founded Applied Immunology, a specialty immunology and cell-based assay laboratory based in the San Francisco Bay Area which was acquired by Precision for Medicine in 2016.

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